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Professor Lance T. Bolt is a pen name.   In real life though, he is an Associate Professor at a renowned Pacific Northwest university business school, who became “educated” on the topic of Global Business Issues – a course he was in the midst of instructing in 2008/09 – as the global financial markets were collapsing. He was forced to dig deep to seek explanations that the experts of the time could not agree upon.   Over a 10 week time period, along with his 40 students, they came to conclusions far different than set forth in their course curriculum. It was apparent that the present global economic structure was unsustainable.

From this experience, came the professor’s first book, Educating The Professor – A Global Economic Awakening – and a desire to share this unique experience with a larger classroom.  Now comes a second book built on this theme, Bold Awakening, Shifting To Alternative Financial Systemsdescribing the specifics of evolving our economic systems for a growing and prosperous planet.

A third book is currently being written, Currency – How To Never Be Broke and Prosper In The Sustainable Economic Age. This book will create a trilogy of books on the topic of shifting to sustainable economic practices. Currency will be very specific to how one can use different forms of “money”, to experience our natural state of abundance in the pursuit of life’s necessities and desires.  

Professor Bolt is excited to share whatever insights he may be able to impart to you with his books, website, blog and public speaking events and to be an active participant in this important conversation of change.

CONTACT: lance@professorlancebolt.com



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